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See also the complete text image online search. Results from titles contained in the complete text image database will be identified with the term 画像. Click it to link to the database.

The database consists of the following titles:

 The database is updated on regular basis.
 Bibliographic data on the titles catalogued before 1993 will be continuously added.


  1. You may search title, series, author, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, content, annotations
  2. Enter ss as a code for ß and separate diphthongs, like æ into a e.
  3. No distinction is made between upper and lower case entries.
  4. Umlaut and other diacritics are in principle not distinguished.
          However, some records can be search with diacritics.
         It is suggested that diacritics be searched with the OR function.
         ex. Étrangère → Étrangère OR etrangere 
  5. Non-Roman character (e.g. Chinese character) searches may also be done.
  6. The Western language titles in the Tuji Collection (India-related sources owned by the late Tsuji Shiro) are presently available only at the former search engine. 
         For further information, please contact here.
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