Classification of the Morrison Collection in Toyo Bunko

Since 1924 Modified 2010

Class index

PB Precious Books
MS Manuscripts
LF Large Fine Books
L Large Books
E Engravings & Prints
O Old Books

I General Works
II General Works / Asia
III East Asia / Mainland
IV East Asia / Peninsula
V Northeast Asia
VI North Asia
VII Tibet Plateau
VIII Central Asia
IX Southeast Asia / Islands 1
X Southeast Asia / Islands 2
XI Southeast Asia / Continent & Peninsula
XII South Asia
XIII West Asia / Continent
XIV West Asia / Peninsula
XV Ancient Orient
XVI West Asia & North Africa
XVII East Asia / Islands
XIX America

All classes are for shelf-classification. I~XIX are for geographic division and subject classification simultaneously. PB, MS, LF, L, E and O need to be classified again into I~XIX.
More detailed geographic division