Classification of the European Language Books in Toyo Bunko

Since 1924
I General works : World, Europe and Africa
II General works : Asia and the Pacific
III East Asia : Mainland (China)
IV East Asia : Peninsula (Korea)
V Northeast Asia : Manchuria and Mongolia
VI North Asia : Siberia
VII Tibetan Plateau
VIII Central Asia
IX Southeast Asia : Indonesia
X Southeast Asia : The Philippine Islands
XI Southeast Asia : Indo-China and Malay Peninsula
XII South Asia
XIII West Asia : Iran
XIV West Asia : Arabia
XV Ancient Orient : Babylonia, Assyria and Chaldaea
XVI West Asia and North Africa
XVII East Asia : Islands (Japan and Taiwan)
XIX America

以下は、東南アジア地域 新分類による検索です。ベラルデ文庫、モリソンII世文庫が検索できます。

nIX Southeast Asia
nX Oceania
nXI General